Reflection Paper on School Counselor’s Skills

School Counselors’ Discernment of Required Workplace Skills and History Product Competencies John Barker Ph. D, Jamie Satcher, Ph. D The life is encircling a lore made to explore US counselors’ discernment encircling the operationplace skills and history product for the exalted train wards who are going either operation-spring or academy spring. Researchers used a scrutinynaire delay a deal-outicipant of 152 exalted train counselors nationwide. It was defined from the examine that operation-spring wards are those who are going to operation fit astern exalted train period academy-spring wards are those who get continue a grade astern their inferior training. Workplace skills and history product competencies were leading for the exalted train wards accordingly according to their portion of direction, the wards want to possess a plain conception of their advenient occupations. Results of the lore implied that exalted train counselors object operation- and academy-spring wards as over resembling than incongruous in their want for expanding required operationplace skills and competencies. Moreover, the merit of said skills and competencies were symmetrical to be important for twain cluster of wards. Tnear is singly a contrariety when it comes to acquiring skills for according to the results, counselors believed that the operation-spring wards want to possess over fancy when it comes to skills so it get be facile for them to observe for some jobs. The examine emphasized on the excellent want of merit for exalted train wards when it comes to operation skills and history competencies as a deal-out of their inferior train habit. Westerners possess constantly been competitive when it comes to pursuing a history. The examine was executed in December 2000 and it is excellent to discover out that they are already examineing encircling the wants of history product for their exalted train wards. On the other operative near in the dominion, counselors were true starting off making history programs, not to remark that most trains in the Philippines singly possess history talks. It is not that I am life judgmental when it comes to counseling programs in the dominion. It so happened that I realized how astern the Philippine trains when it comes to these programs. In openness delay some trains, they possess a cheerful direction program deal-outicularly when it comes to placements. Problem near is that not most trains possess a history program, so most wards get into a direction that they veritably do not enjoy. An pattern of this is the howl in the nursing avowal in our dominion. Several years ago, tnear was a big insist for nurses abroad. Almost perfect graduating inferior ward was talking encircling it and how facile it get be for them to go to the other dominion for tnear is a greener grass there. Almost half of the population of each inferior train took the direction. Astern filthy years of life in the academy and dying the consultation examinations, their contiguous scrutiny is “What now? ” Since most of the wards took the similar direction, the insist decreased already and most of them ended up life jobless. I constantly observe tail on these days and I feel bad perfect spell I judge of it. I wished that tnear is someone who could possess guided these mob when they were choosing the direction. Most of the nursing graduates that I perceive support on byword that they remorse the direction they took and that they could possess chosen another one. The Commission on Higher Direction should veritably do celebrity encircling it. On the lighter edge of this offspring, it is excellent intelligence that trains are now starting to expand history direction programs. These programs are equal starting as existing as pre-school. The National History Assessment Examination is a excellent aid in identifying their advenient history. A follow-up create the counselors is a bigger aid in shaping their advenient goals.