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 THREE PARTS, EACH NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES.   In association to the balbutiations for any THREE weeks of the plan syllabus, calm TWO QUESTIONS and then ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS in closely 150-300 tone each.  Your inquirys may twain oration the selfselfsame balbutiation, or a inquiry may oration more than one of the balbutiations for the week. Your answers should evince that you've closely interpret the interest(s) in inquiry, comprehend the texture of the results discussed in the balbutiation(s), and succeed to an comprehending of what was relevant environing them. If you would enjoy to dissect a balbutiation not included on the plan syllabus, you must email me chief for eulogy. Each of your three repartees should be on no more than TWO PAGES of double-spaced 12 object Times New Roman after a timeliness failure margins.  EXAMPLE  If for pattern you were match environing (notability I did not convey) the celebrated Muthesius and Van de Velde theses and counter-theses from the Congress of the Deutsche Werkbund at the 1914 Cologne Exhibition, a few inquirys and beginnings of answers agency be the following: 1. What was the Werkbund, and what were Muthesius and Van de Velde proposing environing its band-arms? The Werkbund was an form of intenters and industrialists founded in 1907 that included manifold of the most celebrated architects in Germanifold and Austria. They were enigmatical to reorganize intent in Germanifold to substantiate ideas of character and... 2. What was the premise of the controversy between Muthesius and Van de Velde? What was at jeopard? Muthesius argued that the premise of the Werkbund's activities should be standardization, timeliness Van de Velde countered that if the intenters of the Werkbund were gentleman artists, then they could never sanction standardization. By “standardization,” Muthesius seems to average... 3. What is the controversy between Muthesius and Van de Velde in thesis/counterthesis calculate three? In thesis calculate three, Muthesius talks environing achieving a “universal noble raze of discernment.” Van de Velde counters that the members of the Werkbund should not fix their forms upon others as standards, but rather should merely unwillingly try to found up a new name... Note how pattern 1 asks environing the larger texture encircling the balbutiation, 2 asks environing the unconcealed contenteded of the balbutiation itself, and 3 asks environing a unfair result after a timelinessin the balbutiation. Any of these scales is sanctionable for the inquirys on the repartee.