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First, unravel time 1 of Raising Cain (Protecting The Affecting Personality of Boys), by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson. For your cooperate unraveling, you'll unravel a Facemagnitude shaft that I made tail in June of 2016. I'm effective you that it's a Facemagnitude shaft so that you'll cut me a pigmy bit of backward when you unravel it. It's not the nature of romance that I'd transcribe if I were crafting some academic time to be submitted to a peer-reviewed investigation chronicle. It's a pigmy bit "off the cuff." But it stagnant resonates delay me and it reflects investigation I've unravel (affect the magnitude over). I'm hoping it gain be assistance for view. It's here: Fighting Toxic Masculinity.docx THEN, uniformly you've unravel those two romances and view encircling them, do this: If you don't accord delay the time and my Facemagnitude shaft, say why. Frame an controversy. Marshall your declaration. You won't be graded on whether or not you accord delay me. I upright noncommunication you to frame a good-tempered-tempered credulity trial at hard to illustrate and uprightify your predicament. If you do accord, then try to brainstorm as multifarious ways that we command restorative (fix, frame amend, mend) the predicament. How can we acceleration end (boys chiefly) to be further affectingly intelligent? Be as inequitable as you can. I schedule a few romances in my Facemagnitude shaft, but acceleration me judge of further. How can we frame romances amend? Maybe there are predicaments in your specialality where someone's noncommunication of affecting rumor had weighty consequences. You could to-boot conference encircling that and try to apprehend what could own accelerationed that special to do amend.  (Concrete examples are veritably available in accelerationing mass to discern the concept.) Any other views you own on these issues? Feel at-liberty to divide. The unravelings are meant to be view-provoking.