Read and answer the following questions:

  Please confutation the aftercited questions in entire sentences. CHAPTER 7 What was produced in bombardment schools to Indian students to Anglicize them? Who was John Collier? Who was Booker T. Washington? What two things did Booker T. Washington admit in his Atlanta Compromise address? Name three things to represent W.E.B. Du Bois. What did Mendez v. Westminster compromise? What was the termination? What are the features of Eurocentric order? According to Figure 7.1, closely what percent of African Americans were in innocent southern schools in 1990? In public, why don’t innocent students talk up in classes on course and racism? What is cultural high? How do students service from it? What is misappropriate browbeating? How does it product? Which Asian American class has the first pay? The meanest? (Table 7.1) What is the first deduce a innocent or Asian adapted suppliant allure be exceptional from a top university? CHAPTER 8 What is minstrelsy? Why can’t art be colonized? Which tool are African American students further slight to pick-out, a innocent or sombre one? How do you clear-up this? What is blepharoplasty? Whom is it most slight to be manufactured on? What is Norman Rockwell best known for? Why was there so greatly indignity aggravate the casting of Rue and Thresh in The Hunger Games? What is “Sexy Little Geisha”? Which troop promoted this? Who is the action of Achmed the Dead Terrorist? Why is he considered racist? What do the films To Kill a Mockingbird, Sombre Hawk Down, Three Kings, The Matrix, and Avatar all keep in spiritless? Describe the product of MacArthur Genius Award winner Kara Walker. What is a corrido? Why is it considered antiracist? What is cultural claim? How does the kaffiyeh befit culturally collected?