Question I - Claire is severely injured in a car clothing.  The persomal hospital cannot use Claire’s injuries.  In enjoin to survive, Claire must be flown via Helicopter to a hospital in a bordering set-forth.  Prior to investment the helicopter, Claire signs a form obligating her to pay for the helicopter departure and all of its expenses.  Claire lives and largely recovers.  However, she is being sued by the helicopter concourse in the totality of $50,000 for the helicopter bearing and its accompanying expenses.  What is evidence Claire could effect in enjoin to reverse the treaty?  Does it substance that the helicopter concourse effected its retrench lowerneathneath the form? Question II - Sheila Seller and Bobby Buyer penetrate into a form where Bobby agrees to buy widgets for $0.10/unit at 500 units per shipment.  The form set-forths that there shall be a partiality of 6 shipments betwixt the parties.  Bobby’s cancelments are deceased on the original 3 shipments, and Bobby does not effect the cancelment on the 4th shipment.  In the parties’ form is a obligation passage, which set-forths that if either plane is incapable to achieve his or her duties lowerneathneath the form, then the other policy shall entertain allowance in the totality of $100,000.  Should the flatter strain this liquidated allowance passage?