Quantitative Article Summary #2 @tutorfaith

Qualitative Article Requirements: Submit assignment by the deadline in Canvas Write an artfulnessation abstract (approximately ½ page double-spaced) including: Background on the exoteric vigor upshot, Article view, Methods, Results, and Study strengths and weaknesses This abstract should be in your own language. No honor conciliate be earned for quoted embodied or plagiarized contented. Include 1 exact thinking interrogation encircling the artfulnessation. Critical Thinking Questions should: Be akin to the learning methods or resolution. Focus on confusing aspects or higher smooth upshots associated delay this kind of learning artfulness (redundant or redundant). Be thought-provoking and insist-upon higher-levels of thinking Critical Thinking Questions should NOT: Be answered delay a 1 expression acceptance OR grounded on a unmarried judgment in the artfulnessation Be grounded on the exoteric vigor question in general Late Submissions conciliate not be accepted! Grading Rubric 10 points – Designation Summary 5 points – Exact Thinking Question