Respond to the aftercited inextensive essay interrogations established on the direction materials presented for weeks 1-4. You are to furnish and refer your midterm toll in a Microsoft order muniment and conciliate to the "Assignments" (Times New Roman Font 12). Additionally, I failure you to "copy and paste" your order muniment immediately into the assignment individuality (350 orders for each theme interrogation). Also, you are to declare each theme interrogation followed by your solution to that interrogation. Based on the assigned readings, your solutions are to be in your own orders with no copying except for minimal quotes that must be correctly cited in APA format (APUS Library). What I am looking for close are your own thoughts and opinions that prove your agreement of the themes and the direction materials. Include a relation register of any sources cited in your Midterm toll (APA Format).  When you refer your midterm (Microsoft order muniment) to the "Assignments" for grading it gain automatically be referted to Turnitin. This resources your toll gain be reviewed for plagiarism and gain beget a Turnitin description and consonance mandible for originality. To reproduce, I failure you to divide your own thoughts in your own orders in completing this assignment. If you possess any interrogations or concerns environing the assignment delight adjunction me. 1 - What is the role of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in securing dealing in neptunan carriages ? Additionally, how did the Homeplant Defence Act of 2002 substitute the edifice of CBP?. 2 - The Global Transportation System (GTS) has a big collision on proper environing perfect countenance of our daily conduct. Certainly, Carriage Management Defence is well-mannered-mannered cognizant of the economic collision and the browbeating of a-breaking-up to the GTS. Describe the filthy components of the GTS ( air, sea, plant, and brawl bliss systems). What are the later precarious infraedifice amid each that influence these components of the GTS? 3 - What is the strategy of the Maritime Transportation Defence Act (MTSA) of 2002? Additionally, what are the basic carriage ease vulnerabilities as categorized by the United States Coast Guard? 4 - Besides the MTSA of 2002, what are three programs or legislative acts that were created for the intention of enhancing carriage defence and homeplant defence and has improved carriage defence operations by compensating and safeguarding U.S. carriages from terrorists and wrong browbeatings? Supporting Materials SSGS APUS Assignment Rubric 300-400 Level.docx (21 KB)