EC.1 Digital camera has gained popularity in modern years balance unwritten cameras that depend on quaint 33MM film. What accomplish happen to the makeweight worth and division of unwritten camera film if unwritten cameras beseem past rich, digital cameras beseem cheaper, the consume of the instrument needed to construction unwritten film falls, and past firms mention to construction unwritten film? (Total 9 Points) Hints: (1) In your confutation, leading, paint the Accoutre and Call-for graphs at primal makeweight for the two markets, one for Unwritten Camera film, and another for digital cameras. (2) Next, mention which curves (Supply, Call-for or twain) of the two markets may be progressive as a effect of the events picturesquely in the beginning scenario and in which tendency and evince this on your graph.  (3) Finally, Mention the conclusion on makeweight worth and division of unwritten Camera film. Keep in intellect that if we are discussing changes to twain accoutre and call-for curves concomitantly, one of the makeweight variables accomplish be dubious. Describe your confutation to portio 3 in utterance as well-behaved-behaved as in your graph.