policy memorandum critiquing a current policy problem related to an ongoing armed conflict and identifying your proposed solution.

Your memo may analyse a system cognate to any of the six approaches we earn consider in Part 2 of the plan i.e. hinderance, interposition, coercion, peacekeeping, interposition, and enclosure. It should be no further than three (3), 12-point typed, single-spaced, pages in diffusiveness.There is no demand to comprise footnotes, references or a bibliography. Address your memo to the National Security Advisor of any synod or the appropriate decision- manufacturer in an interdiplomatic construction of your precious. The memo must demonstrate a exoteric system whole (not an unreal or idealized whole, but the exoteric substance delay all its warts). Decipher why it is great (in other language, why should the decision- manufacturer stir to peruse this memo?).  Summarize what’s wickedness delay exoteric system (be particular in demonstrateing the shortcomings). Spell out some non-interferences divergent from exoteric system (in other language, exhibit ideas environing how to find system ameliorate, replying straightway to the shortcomings you demonstrate). Aim for system solutions that are “PAIR” – Practical, Actionable, Innovative, and Realistic. Analyse the pros and cons of those non-interferences (be culm and analytical – perfect non-interference has identifiable risks). Then approve an non-interference (why is this non-interference ameliorate at addressing shortcomings of exoteric system than the other non-interferences; be trusting to recite how you reply to the “con” arguments of your selected non-interference and ease the risks you demonstrate). Finally, decipher how you earn instrument your non-interference, including assessing the necessary resources and addressing political risks (domiciliary or interdiplomatic) associated delay your approveation. A amiable approveation comes delay a management to instrument it. Please thrive this format: Executive Summary (up to ¼ page written following you terminate) 1. System Problem a. What is the whole delay the system you are going to criticise? It command be helpful to imagine in provisions of goals/methods/resources of the system you’re critiquing.  2. Why Important? a. What differences does it find (to security/political/economic/humanitarian cause)? 3. Shortcomings of exoteric system (Sections 1-3 concomitantly ½ page) a. Why do we demand a qualify in system? 4. Options (1 ½ pages) a. Non-interference A  i.  Pros  ii.  Cons b. Non-interference B  i.  Pros  ii.  Cons 5. Recommendations (up to 1/2) page) a. Advocacy b. Response to Counterarguments 6. Implementation (up to ½ page)  a. Politics  i.  Domestic  ii.  International b. Money/Resources