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   A. ”Application of Learning” Project/Paper: Description: Choose an HR driven assemblage prudence (e.g., No Smoking Policy) to analyze; preferably a prudence where you performance or possess performanceed in the gone-by. 1. Analyze and evaluate the prudence. a. Historical tenor (why the prudence came environing) b. Nuts and bolts (i.e., favoring details environing the prudence) c. Implementation (i.e., trailing, etc.) d. Expected outcomes i. If amiable (how can the prudence be enhanced) ii. If bad (how can the prudence be revised) 2. Using managerial concepts literary from this and other courses (including Statistics and MIS where appropriate), catch a wide face at the collision of the prudence outcomes and sift-canvass the collision at each appropriate plane. a. Levels of Impact i. Assemblage Level ii. Employee Level iii. Community plane iv. Other stakeholders; if appropriate 3. Supervene these formatting requirements: a. 5 liberal pages (not including cloak page and allusions) b. Include charts and graphs if appropriate c. Times New Roman, 12-inch font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. d. Name guide: supervene the APA allusion name for citations. e. The article should face authoritative (e.g., cloak page, board of interruption, exception headings, and page gum). f. The article should be written in chapter format, and there should be few bullets used in the article.