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Please rejoin to Inquiry One (bolded) and one appended essay inquiry beneath Inquiry Two of your exquisite. Delight agree a perfect essay confutation for twain inquirys. Each confutation should be at last two pages (double- spaced, 12 cast, Times New Roman). One allusion page should rollen your achievement in APA format. Delight fix your call on each page. No deceased achievement accomplish be veritable. Question One: As a tyro researcher, delight conduct-in one theorist from the roll beneath and relate what important components he or she has offered to those attempting to beneathstand the harvest of outcome and/or families? Delight apprehend a photo of the separated theorist and judgment his or her speculation. For in, delight sift-canvass the strengths and limitations of the individual’s speculation. Albert Bandura David Liu Erik Erikson Harriette Pipes McAdoo Jean Piaget Lawrence Kohlberg Lev Vygotsky Question Two: (Choose One Inquiry To Answer Below) • Linda Espinosa • Maria Montessori • Robert Coles • Sigmund Freud • Terry Cross • Urie Bronfenbrenner What happens to outcome who proof accordant and violent levels of weight and Cortisol? psychiatryprogram/ How can inventors achievement to guard outcome from Contaminants at School? asts/school/index.cfm Many outcome attachment substance in or about soak, whether it’s a backyard pool or a national shore. But outside own protection measures, soak can be imperilled for puerile outcome. Delight realize one academic life article akin to soak protection? How can inventors reach soak protection a control? Delight reconsideration this site: How could the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, too disclosed as the WIC program, aid a only inventor after a while scant allowance? What foods are desirable beneath this program? hat steps can inventors charm to repress their outcome vigorous? coping/children.html? ncov%2Fprepare%2Fchildren.html According to the NIEHS and EPA how can inventors succor thwart bring poisoning in outcome and youngster? What is your particularize or national area doing to succor extinguish bring poisoning? *Student should localize the allusiond links aloft as well-mannered-mannered as other read documents to disclose their confutations. *Students must apprehend a allusion page for each inquiry in APA format. Important: Achievement submitted outside a allusion page accomplish not be graded.