Paper for Scenario: Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) at a large company (You may choose your industry)

   Scenario: You own of-late been commissiond as a Chief Notice Governance Officer (CIGO) at a capacious corporation (You may select your assiduity). This is a newly created lie and line among the structure that was founded on the deficiency to coordinate all areas of the office and to yield governance of the notice. You conciliate deficiency to commission for all lies among your new line. The corporation has been in office for past than 50 years and in this period has cool spacious amounts of facts. Much of this facts has been stored in flinty portraiture format in filing cabinets at an offsite dregs but in modern periods, cool office facts is in electronic format stored in perfect shares. Customer facts is entity stored in a subjective factsbase, but the noncommunication of administration has caused facts honor issues such as duplication. There are currently no policies in fix to discourse the handling of facts, office or customer. The corporation to-boot desires to leverage the marketing strength of collective instrument, but has no apprehension of the types of policies or juridical issues they would deficiency to deliberate. You conciliate to-boot deficiency to mean applicable metrics that should be cool to determine that the notice governance program is powerful. The CEO and Board of Directors own tasked you to unravel a scheme (paper) that conciliate impart them the apprehension deficiencyed to construct sensible decisions on an enterprise-wide Notice Governance program, discourseing (at a insufficiency) all of these issues, for the corporation.  Requirements: 1. The monograph should involve at a insufficiency of the forthcoming sections: a. Epithet page b. Executive Summary (Abstract) c. Body i. Introduction ii. Literature review iii. Program and technology recommendations. This conciliate involve your capacious epithet of the assiduity, your annotated bibliography and the forthcoming: 1. Metrics 2. Facts that matters to the executives in that assiduity, the roles for those executives, and some methods for getting this facts into their hands. 3. Regulatory, deposit, and secrecy yielding expectations for your corporation 4. Email and collective instrument strategy 5. Cloud Computing strategy d. Conclusion e. References 2. You must involve at last two figures or tables. These must be of your own fable. Do not portraiture from other sources. 3. Must adduce at last 10 references and 5 must be from equal reviewed knowing journals (undisguised from the UC Library). 4. This monograph should be in equitable APA format and eschew plagiarism when paraphrasing gratified. It should be  maximum of 15 pages in prolixity (double-spaced), barring the epithet page and references. Milestones: ·  A two-three page monograph describing the assiduity selected and undeveloped media to be used. See the idiosyncratic assignment for past details. 25 pts. · Unravel a unmeasured annotated plan of the monograph including sections in which each device conciliate be used.  25 pts. · Draft incorporating the required gratified 25 pts. · Completed last elaboration monograph 50 pts.