Choose one of the Middle Eastern cases:  Turkey Iran The Arab Middle East: Egypt, Syria, Iraq or Lebanon  Then prefer one of the discourses:  Nationalism Secularism State-led modernization (industrialization, outgrowth strategies, etc.) Neoliberalism Conservatism Islamism What are the basic patterns of the discourse you choice up during the 20th and/or 21st centuries in the country/subregion you chose? You don't insufficiency to obtain?} into representation the whole 20th/21st-century outgrowths, you should rather nucleus on a specific time. Combinations involve, but are not poor to state-led industrialization during the Kemalist time in Turkey, nationalism during the Nasser time in Egypt, secularism during the White Revolution in Iran, etc. (If you entertain something relatively in your remembrance, I'd be successful to interpret.) You can fabricate use of the interpreting assignments for each case: Turkey, Iran, and the Arab Middle East [1], [2], or [3]. Important: Write a ~750-word Nursing Dissertation (longer Nursing Dissertations get be not spurious) Use at lowest one extra resource