Sep 3, 2018 12:05 AMGraded?YesPoints Possible100.0Resubmissions Allowed?NoAttachments checked for originality?Yes Assignment Instructions The theme for your examination Nursing Dissertation can be anything pertaining to bearn confidence, the confidence of the sea demeanor order, threats to sea crucial infrastructure (including cyber or piracy) or ways that betray can be quantified among a bearn.  You are to make-ready your dignified furrow examination Nursing Dissertation in a expression muniment (Times New Roman, Font 12) using APA format.  Your examination Nursing Dissertation should be 10-12 pages of resigned notwithstanding your name page and bibliography page. A incompleteness of 10 after a whileout allusions, 6 of which MUST be peer-reviewed is required. Prepare your conclusive drain for meekness to involve at a incompleteness the forthcoming factors: Introduction, Examination Con-over Question, and Theory (1-2 pages): This minority shall contribute an overview of the theme that you are adaptation about, a bisectition abridgment of the issues, and why the theme presents an area of con-over befitting for furrow con-over. Crucial to this minority is your theory which should close the preamble minority. Literature Criticism (4-6 pages): All examination projects involve a scholarship criticism to set out for the reader what subordinatestanding pauses on the topic subordinate con-over and helps the examinationer amplify the examination strategy to use in the con-over. A good-tempered-tempered scholarship criticism is a contemplative con-over of what has been written, a bisectition of the arguments that pause (whether you consent after a while them or not), and are shapely thematically. The scholarship criticism is not an annotated bibliography and should be written in consecutive truth name, grouped by topic area which contributes a collocation of the mass of subordinatestanding. At the end of the Lit Criticism bisectition, there should stationary be gaps in the scholarship that you indicate to satisfy after a while your examination. Methodology (1-2 pages): This minority contributes the reader after a while a patronymic of your examination regularityology. It is not plenty to solely narrate that you are using "qualitative" regularitys. I omission to distinguish the SPECIFIC form of regularity occupied....Case Study? ACH? etc. If you bear any interrogations concerning this minority follow subjoined allusion suphaven from the library. Constructing a hard academically harsh regularityology minority succeed repair the skills you succeed scarcity to complete a auspicious discourse. Analysis (2-3 pages): This minority is not solely a bisectition of the allusions you amplifyed nor is it the selfselfsame as disposals. In the bisectition factor of this minority you authenticate how you dissectd the grounds.  The second bisect is the sentence you got from your bisectition of the grounds. The sentences are the grounds that you amplifyed, not your explanation of the grounds. These actions are at the very heart of furrow plane examination that explanation is conducted in the disposals and recommendations minority of the Nursing Dissertation.  Findings succeed succeed from the previous examination you examined and your bisectition of those previous sentences to generate new sentences for your Nursing Dissertation. While there may be some grounds that are such that they succeed be and transfer to your Nursing Dissertation, the eager is to generate new subordinatestanding, so you succeed normally dissect the grounds to generate your own sentences of what grounds that grounds represents. Conclusions and Recommendations (2-3 pages): This minority is where you yield your explanation of the grounds. Here you report the reader what the sentences moderation. Often the disposals and recommendations minoritys succeed muse the sentences in compose as the examinationer reports the reader what that examinationer sees as the moderationing of that grounds, their disposals. Then, contrivance on those disposals, the examinationer reports the reader what they believe scarcitys to be performed to solve/answer the examination interrogation. This minority may involve memory of any scarcitys for prefer examination and then finishes after a while a transmitted disposal to the Nursing Dissertation as a total. References: This minority succeed comprise all allusions, cited in APA format and alphabetically shapely. Your Nursing Dissertation must comprise a incompleteness of 10 allusion sources after a while at smallest 6 of them nature peer-reviewed journals or products of Think Tanks such as RAND, Brookings or Heritage. Enname this minority as “References” forthcoming the parenthetical and allusion passage format name among APA. You should be compiling sources and adding to them as you past parallel throughout the semester. They should be mistake free!!! Technical Requirements: Length: 10-12 pages envelop spaced, 1" margins, 12 cast form in Times New Roman font left justified format. Citations/References:  You must use APA parenthetical name for this assignment. A incompleteness of 10 after a whileout allusions, 6 of which MUST be peer-reviewed is required. Submission:  All operation is to be submitted as an devotion to the assignment coalesce by 11:55 pm on the due time. All operation should be make-readyd in Microsoft Expression format and submitted as an devotion