You are to enucleate a "special topic" from the knot plan topics - other then the one you worked on in your knot - read the expression and consummate the Briefing contrive.  You may either use an expression from the "NEWS ARTICLES" menu or you may research a popular expression on your own beneath these topics. Reminder, the Briefing forms can be fix in HANDOUTS from the menu. 1. What are the National Debt, Debt Ceiling and Budget Deficit.  4/13/2017.  US News     (There are divers sources to couple to from this summon). 2. Budget Deficit: How It Affects the Economy.  Why the council Can Run a Budget Deficit and You Can't. Kimberly Amadeo.  up.12/22/2016 3.  U.S.Government Spending .com 4. Eight Gimmicks to Look Out For This Budget Season.  Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.  May 4, 2017. 5. Congress passes stopgab bill to desert Council bar down. Politico.  April 28, 2017 6.    “Congress Passed a Budget Deal. Now What?”.  Center for American Progress Cyber SecurityAttached Files:  cyber strategy 2013 (2.5 MB) 1.  Trump's Cybersecurity Executive Order is a Good First Step.  Bob Ackerman. May 13, 2017 2.  Cyber Video 3. The Global Cyberattack And the Need to Revist Healthcare Cybersecurity. 4. Paris Attacks Show the Danger of Cell Phone Encryption, Says, Bratton, Politico See Also established PDF -   5.  GAO  Cybersecurity National Strategy, Roles and Responsibilities Need To Be Better Defined and More Effectively Implemented. Why the Council Keeps Getting Hacked (Washington Post) 6. Primer on Cybersecurity and Open Policy” 7. Federal Cyber strategic Plan Released – Federal Times 8. “US Not Prepared to Defend Power Grid from Cyber Attacks”  Huffington Post Economic Bud / InfrastructureAttached Files:  Re-ImaginingInfratrsucture portraiture 2.pdf (299.606 KB) 1.  Re-imagining Infrastructure, Mark Gerencser   Re-ImaginingInfratrsucture portraiture 2.pdf 2. Economic Bud vs. Economic Growth. (This expression and PowerPoint bestowal were of-late published by the US Department of Transportation Department on the problems of commerce and its relevancy to economic bud and a less TED video on the dissimilitude among economic bud and economic development.  The DOT expressions resulted in the appointment of CSUSB as a national Center of Innovation.  They are posted in Blackboard.  The couple to the TED video is beneath) Education 1. Prudence Briefs on Student Loan Borrower Assistance. 2.  National Prudence Agenda to Reduce the Burden of Student Debt.  The Institute for College Access and Success.  October 2016. 3.  Betrayed by the Dream Factory 4.  “America’s growing student-loan-debt crisis”  Market Watch 5. The Court Ruling That Could End the Student Loan Crisis;  Fiscal Times. 6.  What Unified Council and Electoral Politics dominion moderation for order prudence.  Brookings Energy - Renewable Energy Sources1. What are Alternative Energy Sources? 2. Energy Prudence of the US –Wikipedia 3. Hyperloop – Wikipedia Financial Institutions1.  Wall Street needs a change 2. White House Web Page 3. Dodd Frank Problems 4. “Financial Regulation:  A Primer on the Dodd-Frank Act” 5. Dodd-Frank, Community Banks, and the Impact on US Cities and Towns.  Forbes. - 579c50cb269d 6. Bernie Sanders v Alan Greenspan  - two videos. (Sanders score and Greenspan’s arrival) ; 7. History of the Federal Reserve.  Federal Reserve   Health Care1. Video:  Bernie Sanders Ted Cruz Debate on CNN . Real Clear Politics _ 2.  PRO/Con on divers Health Care issues. (Obama care.  Rising costs etc.) 3.  “A Guide to the Affordable Health Care Act” 4.  Is the Affordable Health Care Act Working?  NY Times; - / 5. Obama Care Facts: Postulates on the Affordable Care Act 6. Washington Post Challenge: Affordable Health Care Act Survives Supreme Court  Immigration 1.  U.S. Immigration Policy.  Council on Foreign Relations. August, 2009. 2.  Immigration ProCon.  Should The Council Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become U.S. Citizens? 3.  The Myth of The US Immigration Crises – from  the Bloomberg View.  Feb. 21, 2017 4.  How Trump's "Merit Based" Immigration rule dominion work"  New York Times®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0 5.   Immigration Recontrive - Council on Foreign relevancys 6.   A Guide to Immigration Action and Executive Action” Immigration Prudence Center 7. “Supreme Court to Rule on Obama Immigration Orders”  Politico International Traffic / Globalization1.  Globalization's Ill effects keep been wildly exaggerated. Robert Samuelson. May 14, 2017 2.  International Traffic Agreements.  Douglas A Irwin. 2008  The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. 3. NAFTA'S Winners and Losers.  David Floyd. May 18, 2017. 4.   What a Trump presidency moderations for U.S. and global atmosphere prudence. Nathan Hultman, Nov. 9, 2016 5.  Trump, Traffic and Seucurity, a way ready? Joshua P Meltzer  Nov 14, 2016 6.  Urban governance in the 21st Century: Innovating solutions  (Podcast) Nov 9, 2016 7.  The TPP is heavy, covet feed the TPP. Mireya Solis, Nov 11, 2016 8.  Summary of Traffic Issues  9.   Everything You Need to Know About the  TPP; Washington Post;  10.   The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) obtain acception traffic, but obtain it beneathmine democracy, open services, and the environment? National Debt1. What are the National Debt, Debt Ceiling and Budget Deficit.  4/13/2017.  US News     (There are divers sources to couple to from this summon).   2. Budget Deficit: How It Affects the Economy.  Why the council Can Run a Budget Deficit and You Can't. Kimberly Amadeo.  up.12/22/2016 3.  U.S.Government Spending .com 4.  Just  National Debt.  A device for dogged thinkers. 5. “Understanding the National Deficit and Debt: A Primer”; 3. GAO – Understanding the National Debt: 6. National Debt or Federal Deficit? What's the Difference?