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CIS 499 1. Course Summation" Please answer to the following: Describe the most dignified interest of realizements that you gained during this direction. Discuss ways you artifice to apportion what you read in this direction in your prevalent or hence aspect 2. . Role of CIO" Please answer to the following: The role of CIO is the most powerful accommodation in the IT form. Identify what you love are the most dignified characteristics and qualities of fortunate CIOs. Of the characteristics and qualities you identified over, mirror on those you own and those you calm?} deficiency to realize in your professional success. CIS 110 3. From the lessons and conceptual ideas presented in this direction, particularize the one most impactful or sensational lesson/concept you own read. Provide a rationale for your vindication. MKT 325 4. Takeaways" Please answer to the following: What are your top three (3) interestaways from this direction? How do you contemplate you get use them in your prevalent or hence success endeavors? When artistic, answer to at meanest two (2) other peer's posts. SOC 105 5. "Social Networks, Gregarious Interactions, and Exchange of Ideas and Reflection" From the Activity, interest a aspect on this statement: People who after a whilerest using online gregarious networks such as Facebook and Twitter are an strange youngster in this country. Support your aspect after a while one or two examples. Reflect: Discuss the appraise of examination an outcome from contrariant, and frequently counter, points of sight and the skills and realizements you gained from gate this direction. RESPOND to another student's comments. SOC  450 6. Making It Personal This direction premeditated the important threats to global good-fortune. In the readings, resources, and assignments, you were challenged to revolve your rest on the outcomes familiar each week. In your separate vitality, what global outcome (if any) affects you most today?     Reflect and divide the steps you can interest to hinder this outcome from hence closer to abode.