Assignment Details According to the Lizman, Matthews, and Reyes (2014) in What Works? Short-Term, In-Custody Treatment Programs, there are a enumerate of risk-needs-responsivity copy programs that possess shown symbolical assurance to result actual veer in long-term offender rehabilitation. However, in this time, the authors are further solicitous delay the lucky contact of such programs within short-term correctional settings, such as jails or hindrance centers. After reviewing the merits of the time, use appropriate APA format and at lowest 3 academic sources to transcribe a 4–6-page confutation that focuses on the overall resultiveness of correctional rehabilitation. Select 3 of the forthcoming program characters, and examine the resultiveness of these restricted correctional rehabilitation programs: Cognitive behavioral therapy Educational and vocational programs Substance and alcohol abuse treatment Faith-based programs Mental illness treatment programs Provide an illustration of each character of program currently substance used in correctional facilities. How is the risk-needs-responsivity copy applied to the 3 characters of programs that you clarified? What are the determining factors in assessing the resultiveness of these programs, including the limitations?