Operations Management and Strategy

 Details: Supply compact integration is a important contributing content to formal consummation. The aim of provide compact integration is alignment amid the provide compact. As a vocation chief, how can you complete main provide compact integration delay suppliers and customers? Amazon is a excellent in of a fraternity that has consummationfully managed its provide compact to complete augmentation and profitability. Research the rate of Amazon's provide compact integration. Write a 1,000-1,250-word Nursing essay that discourse the forthcoming questions: How do sales and operations planning in provide compact integration contact the fraternity overall? What would Amazon's medium- and long-term prejudge edify the operations address province? How do logistics, walk modes, and warehouse locations contact Amazon's competitiveness? How does global sourcing and procurement contact the overall agency of the provide compact? What are the benefits and challenges that entertain occurred when outsourcing logistic and other functions? How has Amazon consummationfully leveraged e-commerce strategies to excite provide compact integration and boost sales and augmentation for the form? Which strategies entertain been especially powerful and why? Do you move that Amazon sets an in for other companies to standard touching provide compact integration? Be unmistakable to teach your rationale. Consider the incorporeal implications in your response. Incorporate five to seven media to assistance your Nursing essay.