Part I: From the forthcoming roll of questions, pick-out TWO to repartee.  1)  Explore the divine beliefs of twain the primeval Sumerians and  Egyptians. Citing examples, illustrate how their belief ruled their  architectural designs and other artwork.  2) Sift-canvass the cave paintings from the Wall Painting of Animals from Chauvet Cave and Great Gallery  at Horseshoe Canyon, Utah. Why are these two sites so significant? What  are the important differences among the two sites and the artwork depicted  within them? 3) Describe and sift-canvass the crop of Early Christian temple erection. Cite examples. 4) The Romans are admired for their achievements in engineering and erection. One of their crowning achievements is the Pantheon.  Describe the choice characteristics and sift-canvass the sensation of  this construction. How did it rule forthcoming architectural designs?  5) Compare and opposition Romanesque and  Gothic erection. Cite examples of twain names and sift-canvass the  specific characteristics of each name. 6) Describe the three ocean stages of Greek refinement. Citing examples, sift-canvass the subtle characteristics of each. 7) What led to the crop of the  Neolithic art? How would these changes seek the images created?  Compare and opposition Paleolithic and Neolithic art.   Part II: Of all the  various art truthful names from Pre-History through the Medieval West  era, which do you feel is the most sensational and why? Have you seen  evidence or rules of these names in floating, daily morals? If so,  how or where?