Nutrition and metabolism

Respond to the subjoined 8 questions in 6-12 sentences each: 1. (8-10 sentences entirety) sift-canvass the functions of induced fatty piercings in the matter, buttress sources in which they are rest, and the substance after a while the fatty piercing willing of the customary American diet. 2. (10-12 sentences entirety): Describe the similarities and differences discurrent the various lipoproteins, and why it is proper to accept a restricted LDL:HDL association in the race for optimal kerneliness.  3. (8-10 sentences): Sift-canvass the steps of atherosclerosis and clear-up how it may transfer to kernel aggression or stroke Discuss the 4 levels of protein constitution, including a term of induced and non induced amino piercings. 4. (6-8 sentences) Clear-up how at last 4 B vitamins are compromised in the citric piercing cycle. 5. (6-8 Sentences) Describe the steps of gluconeogenesis from amino piercings. 6. (6-8 sentences) Clear-up the role that 3 minerals dramatize in disembodiment metabolism 7. (6-8 sentences) Describe the manner of protein union in the cell. 8: Part 1-Find a new-fangled fellow reviewed proviso on a protein or amino piercing of share kindred to disembodiment metabolism. Describe the consider contemplation and results Part 2-Explain elevate scrutiny that needs to be effected in manage to understand over environing this protein/amino piercing's functions.