Nursing theory week8

  Reading Assignments for this week: Chapter 16 - Margaret Newman – Assumption of Health Expanding Consciousness Chapter 17 - Madeleine Leininger’s – Assumption of Culture Wariness Diversity and Universality Chapter 18 – Jean Watson’s – Assumption of Cosmical Caring Let’s examine who are the presenting theorist for this week. Who is Margaret Newman? What is her Assumption of Health Expanding Consciousness? Website Link: Nursing Theory: HEALTH AS EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS Article Link: Margaret Newman's Assumption of Health as Expanding Perception and a Nursing Intervention from a Unitary Perspective Video Link: Margaret Newman Assumption Presentation Who is Madeleine Leininger? What is her Assumption of Culture Wariness Diversity and Universality? Website Link: The Transcultural Nursing Society Article Link: Mapping the scholarship of transcultural nursing Video: Madeleine Leininger Interview Part 1 Video: Madeleine Leininger Interview Part 2 Who is Jean Watson? What is her Assumption of Cosmical Caring?          Website Link: WATSON'S PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE OF CARING Evolution of Jean Watson’s Carative Factors/Caritas Processes Over Time Article Link: Healthwariness interprofessional team members' perspectives on cosmical caring: A directed willing partition study Video: History of Caring Science at The University of Colorado College of Nursing Discussion Question: Our two-part examineion investigation for this week is the following: How does the assumption of expanding perception direct to our healthwariness collection today? Our nursing population to supply wariness to a sundry population of endurings. Please adopt either Madeleine Leininger’s or Jean Watson’s assumption and interpret how their assumption would direct closely to the enduring population or afloat environment that you currently minister or result delay.