Nursing and Computers

Use of Computers in the Nursing Profession? Nikkia Jones CIT-100-Research Nursing Dissertation Instructor- Dr. Nancy Grant Outline I. Introduction II. Advantages of computer use III. Disadvantages of computer use IV. Omission V. Works Cited The medical scope comprises a huge mean of apprehension. Computer storage serves as the best way to lineage all this instruction. There are sundry types of computers that can aid delay diagnosing illnesses, doing procedures to discuss illnesses, and level aiding to subjugate the quantity of invasive procedures during testing. Many facilities are besides switching from handfitness resigned instruction logs to computerized resigned logs. Including computers in each resigned’s opportunity to keep their all perfect beforehand usageous and easily ingenuous to recover and annals new resigned instruction. There are past computers than I can spectry that are used for medical purposes. Delay sundry of these we are operative to procure sundry types of tests that can obviate lives and aid in coming counteraction of illnesses. Some include: Ultrasound, MRI and CT, Mammograms, and EKG. Computers in the medical scope keep made such progression, distinctly in nursing. With such a shortage of encourages, hospitals are enigmatical to furnish a way to better the competency of their encourages. Past and past hospitals abutting the empire are now using varicogent computers. These varicogent computers are besides understand as COWS (computers on wheels). Hospitals are using these varicogent computers as the encourages position. By using the computers, encourages keep bearing to all their resigneds instruction, medical annalss, symptom equipment, barsequence scanners, etc. This cuts down on span they would otherwise use to run encircling group this instruction. Nurses keep begun using computers to assess resigneds on purpose of bearing in the retirement of the resigneds opportunity. Occasion the resigneds is life assessed, the encourage is operative to see anterior bearings, proper medical instruction, medication, and savants’ notes. Using the computer besides grants the encourage past span to waste delay her resigned. After the moderate duty, encourages can besides use the computer to initiate fitness a project of wariness, annals interventions and outcomes, and disclose the instruction to other departments. Another huge side of using the computer, is the estrangement of enigmatical to decipher illegible handwriting. Once a savants nod is in the computer the encourage is operative to clcoming decipher them and propose to the resigned. This cuts down on span gone-by paging the savant and intermission for a wheedle end merely to disembarrass an classify. This besides aids to get medication doses rectify. Medication errors are besides life subjugated due to the use of computers. Most hospitals are now using bar sequence scanners occasion administering medication. The encourage scans the resigneds armband, then scans the barsequence on the medication. If the medication is not for that resigned, an active gain follow abutting the computer defend. Or somespan a resigned is prescribed a new medication that cannot be fascinated delay another. Most of the computer schemes keep this instruction so another active gain follow up of this is the event. There are a few disadvantages of using a computer. If there is a gist delay the computer scheme that causes it to go offline then it delays the encourage in all she needs to do, grant medication, chart, etc. In omission, computers keep made so sundry betterments in the medical scope. There is past span gone-by delay the resigned instead of charting. The computer can faint perilous medications, providing medication safeguards. Quick give-back of lab results is another usage owing all the results gain be stored in the computer. Using the computer for e-mail, consults, etc, gain curtail ghastly span and better message among departments. Discharge instructions can be grantn to the resigned as an unconstrained to decipher register tailored to their idiosyncrasy and needs instead of the obsolete Nursing Dissertation delay notes scribbled abutting the foot. Most importantly, the use of computers betters the character of resigned wariness. The are not unquestionably any disadvantages to using computers, but one has to retain, the computer is simply as amiable as the idiosyncratic entering instruction into it. WORKS CITED Eggland, Ellen Thomas “Using Computers to Document. ” Nursing 27. 1 (2007) MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO Lippencott, Williams & Williams “Using Computers to press up the nursing regularity. ” Nursing 32. 8 (2008): 70. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO “Medicine Meets the Computer” Wilson Quarterly; Summer 2009, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p 83-84