*NON-PLAGIARIZED* 3 full paragraph history “journal entry”

Chapters 7 and 9 and acquirements activities. You accomplish confront the notification needed established. There is to-boot pictures of the chapters in the textbook to advance awaken notification for memorandum. Instructions:  1) In your own articulation, portray any new notification skilled from this week's lection and acquirements modules. 2) Why is this notification speaking? 3) Identify or theorize the motives subsequently the policies (laws) aimed at this week’s nation bunch? Skip this interrogation if policies were not discussed in the   assigned chapters. 4) Did the chapter’s notification strengthen or disprove any assumptions you may possess had previously? 5) Embrace a vague cogitation or view. You accomplish not be judged, penalized or graded grounded on your indivisible view.  Each chronicle memorandum should be approximately three paragraphs covet. This is an academic written acquiescence that should embrace constitutional formatting, style and syntax.   Additional Informational Websites: Map of Native American Tribes precedently Land Loss: http://www.aaanativearts.com/North_American_Indians_Map.jpg Images of Californios precedently and succeeding the War http://www.calisphere.universityofcalifornia.edu/themed_collections/subtopic0a.html