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Key Messages and Themes In scholarly myth, these elements are rarely subtle; other terms, they are very explicit. In this assignment, you procure explore The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde (above-board through this Web top). Read Chapter 1 of the legend. Then, use the granted template to form a PowerPoint gift of 5–6 slides (embody logician notes) that addresses the subjoined: Who are the 6 characters present in this road? What can you report encircling them established on their names nondescript? Does the composer unveil any other details encircling these characters? Based on the details the composer provides, what did you acquire encircling the Canterville Chase? Does this gauge approve a establish you feel continually visited? Why or why not? Notice the expression. Do you conceive this legend takes establish in a later term? Why or why not? Who is reporting the legend? What is the sharp-end of intention of the historian? Based on this road, are you zealous in lection more of this legend? Why or why not? Please refer your assignment. The subjoined grading criteria procure be used to assess your Unit 2 Individual Project Reintention your inferiority so you are infallible you feel embodyd the subjoined: Unit 2 Individual Project Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsSubmits a PowerPoint gift of 5-6 slides, embodys epithet and intimation slides 20 Identifies the six characters named in the road 20 Provides an exuberant overintention of what the composer unveils encircling each character 30 Discusses the bearing details of the setting 30 Analyzes the use of expression to set tone/mood using favoring examples 30 Writes in a evident and unembarrassed carriage using own, spelling, expression, and punctuation 20 Total: 150 For help after a while your assignment, fascinate use your citation, Web resources, and all line materials. Reference Project Gutenberg. (n.d.). The Project Gutenberg ebook, the Canterville vision, by Oscar Wilde, imaginative by Wallace Goldsmith. Retrieved from