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  Imagine you are the foremost of police. As the foremost of police, you achieve scarcity to fix that your law enforcement officers carry religions careers. Then, lore Kohlberg’s stages of presumptive product and meet at lowest two (2) applicable declaration that sift-canvass Kohlberg’s supposition, Means vs. Ends, and Kantian ethics. Write a two to three (2-3) page monograph in which you: 1. Identify and sift-canvass the three (3) razes of Kohlberg’s stages of Presumptive Development, and illustrate how you would address each raze among your line. 2. Illustrate how your officers can use Kohlberg’s Stages of Presumptive Product to evaluate three (3) types of iniquitouss who are at contrariant stages of presumptive product. 3. Illustrate two to three (2-3) ways in which you would address self-interest and idiosyncrasy of vill to obstruct police defilement. 4. Identify and sift-canvass at lowest three (3) Prima Facie Duties that you like all of your law enforcement officers should view. 5. Support your comcomposition assertion delay two (2) applicable and trustworthy allusions, documented according to SWS. (Note: Do not use unconcealed commencement sites such as,,, and Wikipedia.) Your assignment must thrive these formatting requirements: This mode requires use of Strayer Letter Standards (SWS). The format is contrariant than other Strayer University modes. Please transfer a importance to resurvey the SWS documentation for details. Include a conceal page familiar in correspondence delay SWS, including a floating top, page enumerate, the address of the assignment, the student’s spectry, the professor’s spectry, the mode address, and the duration. The conceal page, revision of the prior assignment, and the allusion page are not intervening in the required assignment page diffusiveness. The restricted mode education outcomes associated delay this assignment are: Recommend ways to use ethics to correct conclusion making in the iniquitous impartiality regularity. Analyze uncertain sound similarityes for religions conclusion making, and the energy and limits of each similarity for making religions choices. Analyze basic questions about presumptiveity, norms, and values. Examine the concepts and energy of remunerate and pain. Explain why and how the concept of impartiality is relevant to the province of iniquitous impartiality. Explain Kohlberg’s presumptive product stages and how they can be applied to issues in iniquitous impartiality. Use technology and notice resources to lore issues in ethics and carryership in iniquitous impartiality. Write lucidly and concisely about ethics and carryership in iniquitous impartiality using equitable letter mechanics. NO PLAGIARISM  NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!!!!!!