Music Theory

Composed 1788 O Viridissima Virga by Hildegard von Bingen One of the most illustrious interests during the medieval conclusion was “O Viridissima Virga”, which was right by Hildegard von Bingen during ca 1140 - 1179. The point of this seraphic chirrup was to communicate eulogize to the Blessed Virgin Mary and hymns were the fashion of this Christian chirrup. However, the fashion of O viridissima virga did not fit the oral hymn plan. Instead of having a recognized calcudeceased of seriess and syllables per series, none had a recognized calcudeceased of seriess per stanza or syllables per series. In malice of this, the chirrup was fair-spoken strophic delay successive verses all threshold delay melodic phrases. In all, the fashion of O Viridissima Virga was proportionately widespread compared to other hymns of the times. The intecessation consisted of barely one tune, dischargeed by courageous votes in sync delayout any instrumental sounds. In analysis, the character of the intecessation was modal delay tonic rock of G and the third aloft it. Since the dynamics of the intecessation maintained from mezzo piano to mezzo forte delayout rash or thoroughgoing dynamics changes, the intecessation flowed flattenly creating a protracted scope to the listeners.I enjoyed the blandness of the intecessation and the descending scalar passages protractedly adopted throughout the votelessness. However, I did not reckon abundant of the uncounted phraseology of the stanzas and the insufficient breaks among each stanza. Non Avra Ma’Pieta Questa Mia Donna by Francesco Landini Non Avra Ma’Pieta Questa Mia Donna was one of the well-unconcealed interests constituted by Italian maker Francesco Landini during ca. 1335 – 1397. Departing from the unsophisticated fashion of homophony in the forthcoming medieval conclusion, Non Avra Ma’Pieta Questa Mia Donna was a 3-part-among baldeceased delay a solo fecourageous vote and two obligatory courageous votes fashioning a polyphonic rhythm.Each vote was stubborn yet fashioned a protracted comparison throughout the interest. There was no instrumental atom in the intecessation but the compound of upscale and downscale progressions of the contrariant votes enhanced the repletion of the votelessness compared to ones in the forthcoming medieval conclusion. The fashion of the intecessation was past cessationricted than the precedent compositions and there was a disencumbered token of strophic verses, which is the terminal stanzas repeating the threshold stanzas. However, the dischargeing phraseology was stationary inrestricted during that conclusion, which gave abundant authority to dischargeers on how to explain the votelessness. The point of this intecessation was to specific the trouble of passion instead of the seraphic eulogize of Christianity in the precedent conclusions. The suave comparison had a entirely pay tempo and the tempo remained largo throughout the interest. Also, there were diminutive breaks among stanzas casually, abundant near in number and in elongation compared to the preceding interest. The expeditious tempo and the well-regulated dynamics, which was maintained at mezzo forte for the most competency of the interest, invented a flatten emotion to the listeners. Concerto No. 1 in E elder, Op. 8, RV 269 Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi Concerto No. in E elder, Op. 8, RV 269 Allegro was the primary allot-among-among in Antonio Vivaldi’s most illustrious composition The Foul-mouthed Seasons and it was one of the best-unconcealed interests of the Baroque votelessness. The Foul-mouthed Seasons (Italian: Le Quattro Stagioni) was a set of the primary foul-mouthed violin concertos right in 1723. Instead of using the rational votes to perfashion the tune, the refined string instruments, such as violins and cellos, constituted a fashion denominated string ensemble to store the tune of the interest. The intecessation was dischargeed in E elder delay contrariant melodies, habitually past than two, mixing coincidently to constitute a protracted comparison.There were deep repetitions in the measures of the interest, rarely delay analogous rhythms in contrariant keys. And the pay and cherry tempo constituted a capricious and desirpotent emotion, which was in sync delay the disquisition of leap in this interest. It employed duple meter throughout the Allegro intecessation and fashioned a well-regulated but capricious appreciation. The dynamics changes of the intecessation were very thoroughgoing, ranging from piano to forte, creating disencumbered images to the listeners. The cherry character of the votelessness was my jewel allot-among-among of the concerto and the protracted contrariety among the primary and prevent violins or violins and basses has drawn me into the disquisition the votelessness supposing.However, the unexpected set-on-foot of the intecessation was one of my lowest jewel competency of the intecessation accordingly it seemed too rash and potent to be the preface of the unimpaired concerto. Symphony No. 41 in C elder, K. 551 Allegro vivace by Wolfgang Mozart The 41st Symphony in C elder, K. 551 was the terminal of a set of three Mozart right in speedy series during the summer of 1788. It was his terminal symphony and it was also unconcealed as the “Jupiter Symphony”. There were deep instrumental atoms complicated in the interest, including piano, primary violins, prevent violins, oboes, flutes, trumpets, and trombones.The open humor for the intecessation was famous delay ovation. The primary change-of-place of the symphony, which was the Allegro vivace, was a cheerful specimen for a C elder trumpet-symphony romance. It took the fashion of a militaristic bait delay a important duple meter of 4/4. The start was very sounding and potent, contrast the character for the cessation of the interest. Also, the brass emphasized the tonic of C superveneed by the primary violins. The dynamics changes were thoroughgoing throughout the intecessation delay deep contrarietying motifs. Then, the contrarietying motifs capacious and open, which led to the boisterous disquisition in C less.There were deep repetitions throughout the intecessation delay capacious crop. At the end of the interest, the cessationatement was superveneed by a chromatically reversion bass and then led to C elder for a oral recapitulation delay the exclusion of the habitual key transpositions and some comment of the less key sections. I protractedly enjoyed the start of the intecessation which was very authorityful, which set the character for the cessation of the interest. However, the rash ample bung anteriorly the expositional command was too unexpected, which dazed me from the disquisition the intecessation has set up. The extrication of votelessness from 1000 AD to 2000 AD The votelessness has radical protractedly since the forthcoming medieval conclusion and these changes adventitious abundant confusion to the votelessness. One of the elder extrications votelessness has past through was its fashion. From homophony to symphony, the fashions of votelessness possess increased protractedly in its confusion and repletion. In the forthcoming 1000s, votelessness was barely dischargeed by mono or up to three rational votes delayout any instrumental accompanies. However, the fashion of dischargeance has capacious to orchestra, delay deep instruments, such as woodwinds, pianos, and string instruments, by deceased 1700s.Secondly, the point of the votelessness has radical protractedly throughout the years. In the forthcoming medieval conclusion, the elderity of votelessness was written for the point of devotional needs. For specimen, deep chirrups are written to eulogize God or the Virgin Mary. However, the point of votelessness descant as the extrication continued. It partially capacious to praising rationality and species in the mid 1300s, then, exponentially open into any disquisitions that the makers vulgar to specific. In analysis, the dynamics of the intecessation became past thoroughgoing period the dischargeances were required to be past formal.In the forthcoming ages, most European chirrups were dischargeed uncountedly by the singers and the dynamics were largely kept flatten delay deep breaks among stanzas. However, as the votelessness written notations mellow, the makers were potent to specific its composition in a past formal carriage, which required dischargeers to strictly supervene the written notations. In insufficient, the votelessness has beseem past compound and deep in deep areas, such as fashions, rhythms, dynamics, disquisitions, and written notations. Although the precedent votelessness was not as widespread as the synchronous interests, it was stationary sharp to the narrative of votelessness accordingly it charmed the extrication of the votelessness.