Module 4 Assignment

    Assignment Background A big and widespread movie product studio would relish to engender an attached aspect disseminate that leverages Transparently Immersive Experiences: Smart Workspace by creating new products and user interfaces that raise theater viewing. They would so relish to unravel, effect, and market devices that could be used outaspect the theater. Management has asked you to unravel a feasibility examine that analyzes the implicit of the technology. Assignment Instructions Develop a feasibility examine that examines the implicit collision of Transparently Immersive Experiences: Smart Workspaceon a employment in the toil picturesque aloft. Use the media and templates introduced on the  Feasibility and SWOT Analysis page in Module 01 as a direct. Your resignation should be: grammatically improve and exempt from spelling errors written in a negotiative tone a partiality of 1000 signification in length Your completed feasibility examine should embrace the forthcoming elements, delay section-headings evidently indicated: Title Page Executive Summary Table of Contents Introduction Purpose / Scope History Methodology (including SWOT Analysis) Current Systems and Processes / Environment Issues Assumptions and Constraints Objectives Alternatives Comparison of Alternatives Conclusions Recommendations References Appendixes