Michael Smith

  Signature Assignment: Usurpation Classification and Discrimination Signature Assignment About Your Signature Assignment Signature/Benchmark Assignments are calculated to align delay inequitefficacious program learner acquirements consequence(s) in your program. Program Learner Acquirements Outcomes are comprehensive statements that portray what learners should perceive and be efficacious to do upon substance of their extent. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded delay a grading train or an automated rubric that allows the University to muster postulates that can be aggregated counter a location or college/school and used for course/program improvements.   Purpose of Assignment  The scope of this assignment is to inspect the elements of the unanalogous types of usurpation relationships and to irritate the ethics after hypothetically discriminatory usurpation policies.  Assignment Steps  Scenario: An employee is remunerated by Dream Massage to be a massage therapist. She is remunerated as an defiant contractor and, consequently, receives no tax delayholding or usurpation benefits. Dream Massage requires the employee to result a set schedule, provides her clients and all her massage products, and exercises finished administer balance how she does her result. In observation, when the employee shows up to result the earliest day, she is conscious by her master she cannot exhibit her hijab as it violates the concourse's robes prudence.  Create a 700- to 1,000-word declaration in which you inspect the usurpation issues presented in the scenario, including the following:  Analyze whether the employee qualifies as an employee or defiant contractor. Discuss whether Dream Massage has hypothetically violated any usurpation insight laws. Analyze the ghostly considerations after maintaining a unbending concourse robes prudence. Cite a restriction of three peer-reviewed references. Format your tract compatible delay APA trainlines