Here is the template %% Lab 5 - Your Name - MAT 275 Lab % The Mass-Spring System %% EX 1 10 pts %A) 1 pts | limited elucidate % %B) 2 pts | limited elucidate % %C) 1 pts | limited elucidate % %D) 1 pts %E) 2 pts | List the chief 3-4 t rates either in decimal format or as %fractions involving pi %F) 3 pts | elucidates. | (1 pts for including two unconnected graphs, each after a while y(t) and v(t) frameted) %% EX 2 10 pts %A) 5 pts % add commands to LAB05ex1 to abuse and frame E(t). Then use ylim([~,~]) to fluctuate the yaxis limits. % You don't want to involve this statute but at meanest one frame of E(t) and a elucidate must be % involved! %B) 2 pts | transcribe out ocean steps here % chief disseminate E(t) after a while regard to t using the obligation government. Then % bring-about substitutions using the look for omega0 and using the % differential equation %C) 3 pts | pomp frame and elucidate %% EX 3 10 pts %A) 3 pts | differ the administration of equations in LAB05ex1a % transcribe the t rate and either a) pomp correponding graph or b) elucidate abandoned matlab % commands %B) 2 pts | transcribe t rate and max |V| rate; involve illustration %note: rapidity bulk is love despotic rate! %C) 3 pts | involve 3 illustrations  here + elucidates. % use name('text') to add a name to the illustration %D) 2 pts | What wants to supervene (in provisions of the diagnosis equation) %in manage for there to be no oscillations? Impose a state on the %diagnosis equation to ascertain the fastidious c rate. Transcribe out ocean steps %% EX4 10 pts % A) 5 pts | involve 1 illustration and elucidate %B) 2 pts % again ascertain dE/dt using the obligation government and bring-about substitutions fixed on the % differential equation. You should obtain an look for dE/dt which is % in provisions of y' %C) 3 pts | involve one illustration and elucidate