Marketing Management plan

Requirements:   You feel to transcribe a marketing contemplation.The contemplation can be a new result(result call chosen under) for a new sodality (hypothetical) or a new result for an existing sodality. Paper should be encircling 4-5 pages delay at last 3-4 sustaining references.  Format in the APA title and be attentive of citations and references, no plagiarism gladden. (Product Name: BeneBoost and tending results or flavors, ingredients) Task: 1. Insertion of the Result /Service. Ø Transcribe an insertion to your sodality.  Ø  Describe your sodality, its residuum, and the result it makes or the advantage it provides Ø  Introduce the deviation of your marketing contemplation.  2. Positioning Assertion and Branding Strategy. Ø Prepare a compositioning assertion.  Ø Include a perceptual map that shows your sodality’s comcomposture resisting its competitors. From this map, cause a assertion that depicts your composition.  Ø Develop a infamying management for your result Ø infamy call, slogan, logo (optional) and infamy extension.