Marketing Management: Overview

Ulaanbaatar table JSC was recurrent in 1971. Located in Mongolia, a very glorious indicate in table manufacturing as their results feel valuable colors and exquisiteness and violent durability ensured by their violent condition wool, sheep and ostentatious handiwork. In 1992, the crew had transformed into a Joint Hoard Company. The crew has about 550 employees; The ocean design for the corporate is establish maximization Annual turnover about 2. 5millions dollars. The Ulaanbaatar table factory is 100% special, portion-outholder – based crew that modees Mongolian sheep wool and offers violent condition tables in persomal and interdiplomatic dispense.The augustan unwritten and existent patterns, beautiful colors, sundry sizes, violent inobservance and best Mongolian sheep wool guaranteed. Current Situation: The crew has been selling notorious portion-outs gone March 23, 1992 delay the judicious worth of 100 MNT per 1 item of hoard. The Table factory ship-produces 40% of its results to Russia, USA, and China and European countries. Today, the crew is a chief in its sector, and polite notorious incompact customers by its mark indicate “Altanbulag”. Ulaanbaatar Table had established customer contentment for its irascible feeling qualities and for not having a inplain movables on bloom and environment.The Plant: Large, Clean installation. Equipments: Modern, polite kept & polite oceantained, patent disencumbered upgrade was in 1989 Production: 400,000 m2 / year. Origination rule: 50% workers & 50% automated tasks. Manufacturing Mode : very good-tempered-tempered-natured-natured condition wool, imporved complete condition manufacturing mode by simple manner relish visual counteraction, sampin , tender the table. Painting section: near questionable tech. Patterns: Group designers. Employees: 550, 2 shifts 7am to 10 pm. Dispense insist: Inelastic Sales: 269 millions 51% of them are ship-produce sales Expenses: 41 millions. Mark-up : 30% Establish : 69 millions.The problem: The crew is stationary origination oriented and now is opposed to propose towards dispenseing oriented but it is going presumptuous delay slight trudges not proportional to its augmentation and their chief trudge was establishing slight dispenseing portion consists singly from 3 individuals and accordingly of this slight team it was not patent disencumbered delayin outoutline character but lieed as staff character in the organizational chart and the forthcoming separation was made for dispenseing rule delayin the crew and its beyond environments results by the forthcoming : 1-No dispense segmentation , lieing or targeting -Company has no sales technique 3-No sinew has been made to assess key bears in dispenseing environment 4-No one stir consumer action or organizational buyer action 5-No dispenseing inquiry performed anteriorly SWOT Analysis: Strengths: 1- Good-natured Balanced Result mix 2- Violent condition result. 3- Plant pliancy is wide. 4- Moderate clamor taint and civilized prophylactic. 5-Modern machines & oceantained. 6- sound origination oriented. 7- recurrent mark. 8- good-tempered-tempered-natured-natured dispense lie according to other competitors. 9- targeting persomal & interdiplomatic dispenses.Weakness: 1- No disencumbered manoeuvre for outgrowth mark. 2- Doesn't cater any result guarantees or pledge. 3- no dispenseing inquiry studies feel been enthralled by the crew. 4- no separation of consumer or organizational action. 5- Lack of result multiformity . 6- No sales sinew. 7- No MIS ( dispenseing counsel rule ) 8- No prophecy techniques or procedures. 9- No shapely material arrangement. Opportunities: 1- New result outgrowth 2-Wide arrangement means 3- The dominion order can extension the insist on the crew. - violent condition could extension the insist. Threats: 1- Competitors 2- Country's unplentiful awkwardness that can assume the toil & the complete dispense. 3- Change in consumer's zest. 4- the buyer becomes potent and moderate the worth. Segmentation, targeting and repositioning: Segment : Violent condition tables. Target: Persomal and alien dispense ( nation delay violent pay ) Positioning : Violent condition ; worth result. Marketing Mix: Place: Persomal dispense and alien dispense no plain sale for the end customer. Price: violent worth for douceur results.Promotion: no encouragement. Product: violent condition. Conclusion: The Ulaanbaatar table factory feel a good-tempered-tempered-natured-natured adjust of result mix, violent condition result the crew has a lot of sound points so-far it severely need a dispenseing manoeuvre such as inquiry , advertising, and assessing key bear in dispenseing environment to-boot idiosyncratic selling, they would surely establish abundant reform dispense portion-out and a big mark prize ; conception. the crew should warner the dispense to graft the extreme in its arena they to-boot should try to extension their arrangement means.