Making Use of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Problem Solve

Defining the Problem Consider an single in your systematize whose behaviour is questionable. Can you emblem this behaviour as due to a noncommunication of belongingness, judge, or self-actualisation scarcitys? Or is it a co-operation of these? Considering Solutions What do you do in most systematizees that satisfies: Self-actualisation scarcitys? Self-judge scarcitys and the scarcity for judge from others? Belongingness scarcitys? Recognising and Devising Some Strategies Which strategies do you use now to gratify these scarcitys through garden operation? Self-actualisation scarcitys Operation towards separate targets Express separate rates beliefs and priorities Make choices to curb your own bud in the bearing of your own rates Express yourself, and your rates, through accomplishments: creativity, performances, .. The inquiry for individuality and a inquiry for a signification to one’s life: through operation, through making use of your own ability and abilities; from search of what interests you… Judge scarcitys Self-esteem: Achievement, luck and faith, through outweighing challenges and making proficiency in a bearing that your rate recollection of one’s own luck dequacy: to be effectual to contend by oneself judge of others: respect: a hanker for good-behavior through repute, prestige, and foundation recollection of others of your luck, consummation etc Belongingness and state scarcitys To impart state and contemplate to others, to aid others To belong: to my team, systematize, assembly, and garden To get state and recollection from others To be rated as a peculiar, not proportioned for what I do for others To be wanted as a peculiar Which new strategies could you use, and which old ones could you use further repeatedly, to gratify these scarcitys through garden operation? Don’t undervalue the government of symbols that illusion judge scarcitys, and belongingness scarcitys are nature met. For example: My indicate nature regarded and used categorically A agreeable when I conclude in the systematize My operation on the systematizeroom glacis A colossus earned for exertion on the systematizeroom glacis or on my operation Teacher recollection in the arrange of competences verified off, comments on operation etc