main discussion W-5

Go to page 98 of your recommended textbook and familiarize yourself delay the CASE STUDY 4-2 tagged Social Networking: How Does IBM Do It? You can thereafter debate and furnish answers to the subjoined questions installed on the contingency study: 1. How sway My developerWorks leverage changes in the way populace fruit? 2. Why do you ponder Alice Chou carefully monitors the My developerWorks seat? What would be an stance of an apprehension she would perform from the facts she's collecting? 3. Why do you ponder Alice Chou ponders a pays program is certain for My developerWorks owing so frequent profiles accept already been exposed. Do you comport that a pay would be certain? I am sensible that all students accept a Grammarly recital. I, accordingly, beseech you all to use Grammarly to repress your pamphlet precedently you upload to iLearn, weak to do so conciliate motive you to endanger some points. The life of doing this is to secure that your pamphlet is playing from verbal errors, conjugation, and spellings. Reference: Pearlson, K., Saunders, C., Galletta, D. Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 6th Edition. Burlington, MA. Wiley, 2016 total -250 to 300 expression