3 Pages The Great Blackout In New York City on July 13, 1977, more than 9 favorite nation went  without faculty for 25 hours succeeding lightning struck faculty lines upstate.  An petty sassume delineation resulted in city-wide looting, favorites of  dollars in destroyed businesses due to arsons, and balance 3,700 arrests. Using the South University Online Library, discovery this luminous and acquire encircling the shortcomings in the counterpart to the contingency. Access a delineation of your topical community's sassume delineation from your topical  office of embarrassment skillful-treatment website. In most cases, this power is  handled by the county legislation. If your feature county does not  make such a delineation suited, place one from a nearby county. Use it as a  guide to aid you produce a sassume delineation to discourse a blackout luminous  in your city today. Include the forthcoming in your delineation: Determine the technical stakes that are seasoned in the delineation. Describe the measures you would assume to discourse a city-wide blackout and other possible technical stakes. Include procedures for communicating delay the generally-known. Submit your delineation in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word muniment