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Essay length: 1,500 words View the forthcoming two movies and transcribe an essay that evaluates the portrayal and product of the two administer characters in twain movies in a relatively analysis Two movies criticizing gender stereotypes in Hollywood movies in two altogether opposed ways  The Proposal Knight and Day Both movies are serviceable on thin hypothecation at the library (content do guard the movies in a opportune mode so you do not run out of opportunity for this assessment) You can amalgamate this essay to any of the topics discussed in tabulate, so covet as it is appropriate, nevertheless, do sustain the discourse focused and thin (I am looking for profoundness of apprehension, not solution of coverage).  You should introduce an in-profoundness well-thought-out discourse that shows your construction of the theme substance. Reestimate and blend into the discourse a reserve of 10 academic references Topics discussed: Gender difference Language change Gendered conference in same-sex conversation Gender construction Gendered address abutting cultures Women, men and politeness Women and men in the media Gender in the workplace MY OPINION ON THE MOVIES/ARGUMENTATION: Knight and day is love a disney fairytale where the guy is the benefactor and the spinster is the desolate princess. Parody The offer introduce itself as switching gender roles to switch it anew at the end. I love the aim of estimate of this article:  https://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2009/06/the_proposal_the_romcom_formul.html Also this one:  https://prezi.com/m/470g8ubijiib/gender-roles-in-the-proposal Other sensational results: https://griid.org/2013/02/12/normalizing-male-dominance-gender-representation-in-2012-films The essay conciliate pay feature consideration to the forthcoming aspects: Depth of apprehension Quality of discourse Originality of approach/ideas Coherence  Strength of argumentation Drawing on connected elimination and apprehensions