Long Essay

For this week, fascinate awaken a choreographic videos--that is, a video that uses a choreographic accomplishment as its ocean satisfied. This should be an arranged essay, one that integrates discovery respecting the master, the voice, the masterry, the choreography, and the fact of the video, but establish stable this is certainly your topic respecting the purport and aim rearwards the choreography in harmony to the carol, the carol's purport, and the master. What I nonproduction short is for you to promulgate me what this choreography media for the overall video. 5 pages, double spaced, partiality. Use MLA format to quote the video and any other sources you use to supplement notice for your anatomy. You can elect any video ate Childish Gambino's This Is America. Fascinate let me understand if you bear any questions or you demand suggestions! Here is a voice video anatomy (not just on choreography) that strength help: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/32n/cherish.pdf. Links to an manifest site. The aftercited satisfied is coadjutor provided