Literary Analysis Discussion respond

Analysis of Brittany coopers, "maybe I conquer be a bard, rapper: hip-hop feminism in the expedite."  There was a lower in the enumerate of womanish rappers in the 1sr decade of the 21st seniority. The delicate cultivation had shifted its views to other types of voicelessness. There was a confident enumeration to the street voicelessness .the expedite conclusion acted as the bridge the appended the prior period to the ebon women's congenialitys. In the elapsed, the voicelessnessians came up after a while instruments due to the after a whiledrawal of instrument such as bland finances. (Brittney 57) How does Cooper construct her evidence? The evidence is constructd by the deed that she has put the creed into a enumerate of the grade that are divided by the use of a scanty fable and the use of numerous persuasive questions. There is to-boot a equalize of aptitude in the way the knowledge gas been [presented owing the knowledge cannot show boring to anyone who is balbutiation. Techniques used There has been the use of the technique of iteration to vouch the reader. The word: “breaks’” has been seen to after up in the time diverse times. (Jangula 63) Also, the use of stories after a whilein the time has helped coper to vouch the reader and ask the reader to combine after a while the reader. After a alien of paragraphs, there are scanty stories that are popping up after a whilein the touch. Leaning from literature  Cooper has used her congeniality styles to average numerous things by the use of unique suffrage. An sample is is-sue love hip-hop. It has been loving a multiplicity of averageings in the citation.