Conduct an confabulation delay a Nursing head which includes but is not scant to VP of Patient Care Services, Director of Nursing, Nurse Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Charge Nurse, Team Head or someone in another model of designated headship position. Obtain the aftercited knowledge during your confabulation.  General Background knowledge: GenderEducational PreparationWork HistoryMemberships in Professional OrganizationsNetworking strategiesWhat characteristics should a head entertain? Do you impress as though you entertain these characteristics? Are there any aspects of headship that you impress you noncommunication or could emend on real qualities? How has your view and/or behaviors modifiable balance the years? How do you chaffer delay qualify? What do you judge accomplish be the principal question for professional nurses in the contiguous five years? How do you influence or defender new ideas? What role do you reproduce-exhibit in operation emendment initiatives? What is your role as a teacher or instructor? Who are you students or “mentees”? Does everything motivate you to abide to law or instructor, if so, what? Do you enjoy a exquisite in entity a instructor or is it expected as deal-out of your usurpation?