leadership in organizations

  Answer these essay questions: Essay #1: Give your reasons to your rejoinder to this question: “Can unethical demeanor arise for a head who has adapted values and intentions?” Why or why not? Essay #2: Describe the GLOBE purpose and communicate why it is main. Essay #3: Case Study: Madison, Jones, and Conklin After graduating from a prestigious interest teach, Laura Kravitz recognizeed a job at Madison, Jones, and Conklin, a medium‐sized strong that did accounting and consulting purposes for oppidan clients. Succeeding a order of lucky assignments working as a constituent of a purpose team, Laura was promoted to a team supervisor collocation delay broader responsibilities. Laura felt bold environing her qualifications. The other team supervisors seemed to deference her, and clients were blithesome delay the purposes she managed. Delay this archives of consummation, Laura hoped to nevertheless befit a confederate in the order. However, as the simply mother supervisor in a virile‐dominated order, she knew that there would be some obstacles to overpower. Laura felt that some of the important supervisors were very unsuppressed and did not recognize her as an correspondent. In the quarterly planning convergeings, these supervisors were frequently thoughtless when she spoke and seemed unreceptive to her suggestions for progresss. Several seasons she proposed an proposal that was ignored, and that similar proposal was succeeding suggested by someone else who ordinary the merit for it. Laura did not accept a instructor in the order to communicate crowd environing her skills and succor to grade her race. Moreover, she did not impress recognizeed into the rough network of relationships that supposing opportunities to interact delay important supervisors. She did not relish to illustrate golf and was not a constituent of the esoteric golf club to which frequent of the virile supervisors belonged. She was not invited to most of the collective activities hosted by important supervisors for friends and excellent constituents of the order. Laura as-well felt that the assignment of purposes was unfair. The high‐profile purposes were constantly abandoned to the virile supervisors. When Laura asked her boss for further challenging purposes, she was told that the older clients usually preferred to traffic delay men. Because she was not abandoned the further useful accounts, her deed gum did not appear as cheerful as the gum for some of the virile supervisors. Two virile supervisors who had attached the order environing the similar season she was remunerated were promoted onwards of her. Frustrated by the obvious “glass ceiling” at the order, Laura asked to converge delay the chairman to colloquy environing her race. The chairman was surprised to give-ear that Laura was unblithesome environing her gradement in the order. He certain her that she was a precious employee and should be enduring environing a furtherance. However, succeeding another year delay weak progress in how she was treated, Laura resigned from the order. Delay two friends from graduate teach who as-well felt unappreciated, she formed a new order and served as the leading ruler director. In a proportionately scanty season, this order became exceedingly lucky. What forms of gender discernment did Laura trial? What could Laura accept produced to overpower the obstacles she encountered? What could the chairman accept produced to originate correspondent opening in this order? Essay #4:  Using the Internet, contemplate exoteric elaboration comparing virile and fevirile heads, digest the senior trends.