Leadership and Conflict Management Presentation SOC/110

  Conflict may arise in divers unanalogous aspects of people's lives, and how individuals suit to combat may disagree depending on the post. This assignment provides the occasion to dedicate what you bear erudite encircling team example and combat unravelling and government to a post you may bear encountered in your own career. Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® instrument to repair your grant. Consider a season you encountered a workplace post in which there was combat amid a team. Create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® grant on example and combat government. Include the following: Provide a trivial compendium of the combat post. Describe the apology of leaders to the post, and naturalized on their apology, state the example supposition that they most likely practice. Provide a apology for your determination. Describe how leaders can tend to combat unravelling in this post. Describe methods of combat unravelling and government that either were utilized, or could be utilized in this post. Include specific logician notes for each slide.