confutation to these comments delay 60-70 opinion. no rhetoric mistakes fascinate.  covers paragraph 7 from the work not in our genes. 1-"This paragraph discussed how fellowship generally assumes that all immaterially heartiness issues and things love schizophrenia or ADHD are biologically rooted, and there is a disposition to barely order some rank of composition or medication to acceleration these fellow-creatures befit "normal".  I rest it thrilling how the biological determinist apex of purpose claims that these differences are barely biological, yet they paradoxically try and diversify them through medical interference.  The portions of the paragraph that talked encircling ADHD were to-boot thrilling, accordingly they discussed how relatively undignified ADHD medication veritably is, and how the unaffected fancy of medicating fellow-creatures delay ADHD is veritably true dupe blaming and is manufactured amply to profit teachers in classrooms.  I to-boot purpose it was thrilling when the paragraph discussed how we purpose ADHD as a whole solely in classroom settings.  This is notability I had never veritably purpose encircling, but looking tail, I accept solely veritably seen ADHD discussed in provisions of disruptions in school".   2-" Personally I accept not been painful by ADHD, which this paragraph puts a lot of rendezvous on, but I accept dealt delay immaterial issues love discouragement. I consider in existent fellowship our observation spans accept shortened due to the steady run of instruction we are constantly receiving from the universe about us. It's sad that we chose to true drug fellow-creatures that contest to pay observation in-particular end instead of unmanageable to diversify our brains of what they need. Similar to how in the departed patients would be absorbed brain surgery to "fix" them now were medicating fellow-creatures to "fix" them. I won't oppose salve accelerations most fellow-creatures but I don't consider it's the confutation for everyone. "