Philosophy Essay Instructions 1. Complete the Philosophical Assessment in our round text: Chapter 9 (Your Philosophy of Advice Self Inventory). Calculate your scores for the 4 philosophies. Determine which philosophy or synthesis of philosophies most air-tight aligns after a while your beliefs and use this philosophy for the mind of despatches your essay.  2. After watching the “How to Transcribe an Essay” gift, transcribe an essay of at lowest 650 expression to expound your philosophy of advice (collocation declaration) and how your philosophy would impression your vindication and confer specialty of the idea of letters strategies that you would use for the subjoined scenario: You are a tutor to older students, and you omission your students to do past than merely memorize their way through the notification you are training. You omission them to expand their critical-thinking skills, attain to work-out problems, compel sensible decisions, and get concerned after a while lessons. This turns out to be a daunting lesson, still. The students appear to omission you to depict perfect required specialty in assignments; and when you allure on students who don’t enjoy their indexs intensified, the most spiritless vindication is, “I didn’t enjoy my index up” or “I don’t comprehend.” In other cases, they say, “C’mon, upright judge us what you omission us to comprehend,” and “Why do we enjoy to attain this substance?” a. The Nursing essay should apprehend a epithet page, ocean collectiveness, and relation page.  b. The ocean collectiveness should await of an preparatory provision, collectiveness provisions, and a blank provision.  i. The induction provision should enjoy an circumspection getting opener and a collocation declaration that palpably names and defines the clarified adviceal philosophy.  ii. The collectiveness provisions should apprehend 3 pieces of indication or express letters strategies to foundation the use of your philosophy in useful training methods in your assort.  iii. The concluding provision should summarize the Nursing essay and restate the collocation declaration by naming the clarified philosophy/philosophies.  c. Your essay must apprehend 2 in-text citations, 1 of which must after from the textbook. If an without beginning is used, it must enjoy been published after a whilein the developed 5 years. APA Basics in the Instructions for APA guidelines.  Submit the Philosophy Essay by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.