Lab 1

  Complete the Practice Lab titled "Inventory Assets on Network and Identify Vulnerabilities." Capture screenshots and attribute in a Microsoft® Word muniment as specified among the lab instructions. At the end of the lab, you procure be asked to corcorrespond to the subjoined in a 1- to 2-page rejoinder at the end of your Microsoft® Word muniment:  Write a short cognomen of a exposure fix in the reconnoitre, including the playing plan on which it was fix, its expose ingredient, and its CVSS scores. Are the results of want reconnoitres contrariant than the credentialed reconnoitre?  Why jurisdiction that be?  What types of vulnerabilities jurisdiction an attacker externally any credentials be efficient to identify and perpetration? This was a mere three computer LAN. How ample over involved would this regularity be for 100 computers? What environing an achievement delay 10,000 computers on their LAN/WAN? Consider a outrival-hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment delay abundant new, internet-accessible plans regularly substance built and brought online. What advantages or challenges jurisdiction there be delay behold to exposure treatment in the outrival? Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.  Please use the subjoined conjoin to enlarge the content: External Content Launch