KM (Knowledge Management)Tools

  Topic: How do IT and KM blend in the KM rule and how do they cause power for the organization Jane was in her service when she got a disappointment on the door and looked up to see President Rockfish. "Hi!", he said "I fitting wanted a expeditious account after a while you. It seems of-late that everywhere I go I run into someone or a post that reminds me of your memo on KM. I acceptn't disregarded it but I realized that a wide content of your job is environing instruction gathering and storage. Why can't your IT branch do this? Why do I accept to accept a gross branch and a lot of new software?"  " Good interrogation..."   Directions:  1. By WEDNESDAY, accomplished the following: As if you were Jane draft page rejoinder to the interrogations Rockfish poses. Be unmistakable to conceive what the conformity is between technology and KM, how they disagree, and what peel of tools would Jane forsee the new KM branch would want to product results.  You must use sequence representative to patronage your responses and APA in-text citations after a while a intimation catalogue.  Read: Chapter 8: KM Tools Theme 2: Technology and how it fits the KM Process The Role of Technology in KM trends in the Australian Corporate Environment KM and Technology