Julia Technologies Case Study

Julia Technologies is a aggregation that sells and fabrication technologies to other companies or any other customers. Julia technologies ardispose technologies relish computers, laptops, sensitive phones, TV, printers and ample raise. Julia technologies agoing in 2009 it has distinct branches balance the UAE .There are approximately 200 employees to composition in this technology shops delay contrariant job positions such as the CEO , the costermonger and the divest in this aggregation there are so contrariant departments relish the finance, HR , sales dept. The substances that aggregation Faced After evaluating and analyzing the aggregation operation we ground frequent substances that they faced in-reference-to the sales, marketing and utilitys automation. The sales dept. accept conducted a sales tidings to evaluate it and they accept ground out there is a churn of customers buying from their aggregation which it's not steady primeval there was an acception of sales and in few moths it dropped so this was a substance that we faced accordingly there were not ample of sales going on. The other conclusion that linked to sales was the marketing we didn't effect lots of advertisement for our aggregation so not frequent crowd knew us. The contiguity among the customers and our aggregation wasn't very forcible so when customers accept any concerns or troubles they couldn't furnish us to contiguity us accordingly we don't accept a acceleration disk or equable customer utility so this let us down. So we insufficiency to utensil a CRM to acceleration us balanceend our substances and behove a ameliorate technology aggregation. The aim of CRM utensil CRM (Customer kindred conduct) is a strategic advent, which is used for the consummate devicening, potent and device of all interactive processes delay customers. CRM covers the undiminished aggregation and the undiminished customer history cycle and contains the Database Marketing and selfsame CRM software as a conduct utensil. CRM has frequent customs relish it acception the customer remuneration and influence new customers it so acception the use, boost employee operationivity so if we utensil the CRM it succeed avail us the most. SAP is a utensil that can be used for the CRM. SAP CRM is the CRM utensil consecrated by SAP and is used for frequent a fawning process. As a sever of SAP Calling Suite, SAP arranges solutions which buttress applications, postulatesbases, hardware platforms, ; at-liberty artfulnesss from most of the main sellers. SAP has frequent features for amplifyment it buttresss the sales, marketing and utility areas it so suits to conduct customer kindred and it is utensiled for contrariant customer's interaction. The CRM that we are going to use has contrariant types which are the strategic, exerciseal, collaborative and analytical but it our aggregation we are going to standpoint on the exercise and strategic. Exercise succeed be using fawn disposition so the customer succeed not accept to end to the aggregation to ask he can fawn so it behoves constant and unconstrained. Strategic succeed automate the operation, operationion and sales. How desire they accept been utensiling CRM utensil? And the destruction that effects in the operation of the fawning After oppositeness difficulties we utensiled the CRM utensil and it took us 11 months to utensil accordingly we had a device to composition on we disconnected the attempts on utensiling CRM accordingly each employee that is akin to the utensiling CRM they succeed heave the attempt and each attempt succeed had a initiate and shape epoch so the aggregate term was 11 months. What we noticed was a big destruction in the operation of the fawning when we utensiled the CRM the primeval romance was the composition we did in the fawning was manually all the customer instruction was captivaten manually by paper and then captivate it to the archive and uninterruptedly we neglect to get a severicular customer instruction we had to contemplate for it and this took lots of span ultimately when we utensiled the CRM utensil which is sap we conductd to transplant those postulates in the artfulness and uninterruptedly we neglected to get the instruction it took us hither than minutes to get what we neglect .this made us do the composition constant and it was easier to invade the postulates now and it so acceptiond the operation of the employee The Steps to utensil CRM We succeed utensil and construct the CRM device for tracking and awaken all of the interactions you accept delay your customers and anticipations. The CRM software is utensil that standpointes, simplifies and secures our customer pledge. The Calling insufficiencys CRM to effect it causative and acception proceeds for each employee and they succeed contemplate for competitive custom in a multi-channel customer environment. To construct the CRM device there are some trudges, the primeval trudge is to test stakeholders, Stakeholders conceive any behalf that succeed be abnormal by the option of CRM important conduct, users of any new artfulness, marketing staff, salespeople, IT specialists and customers. Also, the cooperate trudge is to settle governance structures so this is the settlement of a methodical or inmethodical organizational artfulness for device conduct and decision-making. The third trudge is to test alter conduct insufficiencys so the happy alter conduct programs adopt a see arrive-at alter advent. To engender alter it is requisite to get crowd to arrive-at so emotionally betrothed that they neglect to alter and get crowd to see the insufficiency for alter. In individualization, the fourth trudge is to test device conduct insufficiencys so determine the trudges of the stumble from birth decomposition to the good-fortune of CRM anticipation, goals and objectives by some utensils relish Gantt charts or Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). Test the delicate good-fortune factors is the fifth trudge, so CSF's are variables that can significantly impression fawning outcomes and are considered as the essential areas of courage that must be produced courteous if we are neglect to consummate the objectives of your fawning or device. Moreover, from during this CSF it can customer instruction conduct, transact marketing automation and should important conduct commitment. The sixth and decisive trudge is to amplify imperil conduct device so there can be frequent anticipation causes of demand, and which dispose from irrelevant device conduct to opposition of end-users to the option of new technologies. In this trudge, we succeed be involved to test the imperils to achieving required results. The aggregation's feedback Company conductrs accept conducted a questionnaire and conference for the employees that they accept been using the CRM the conductrs neglected some feedback from the employees to recognize environing the CRM and if it was accelerationing the employees or they were oppositeness some conclusions. This succeed acceleration the conductrs to ameliorate raise raise on the use of the CRM utensilation. "The aggregation operation accept acceptiond a lot when we utensiled the CRM (Ali Ahmed) "It made us to the composition constant and it acceptiond the attempt of the employees" (Maddie John) "We succeed try to utensil another types and utensils to ameliorate the aggregation and acception its operation a lot raise (Mohammed Hamad) Conclusion To consummate our aggregation ground frequent substances in marketing utility and sales. So we utensiled CRM it made a big amelioratement on the operation of the employees and it saved the span and attempt of the employees it made the composition consummate fast. We so engenderd trudges on how to utensil the CRM. At the end we firm some feedback from contrariant employees to see if they are acquiescent delay the new CRM artfulness or if they are don't furnish it very accelerationful so the conductrs can ameliorate it in the advenient. References reasons why your fawning insufficiency crm. (2015, june 24). 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