Journal #5: Gender (in)equality

A minimum of 550 words and a consummation of 750 words Complete. Your record minute must sufficiently harangue the quick and/or the assignment requirements. It should confer-upon a sufficiently plain topic using the required instrument. Clear. You should confer-upon an topic that logically progresses from one aim to the proximate. Your claims should be polite attended delay good/strong token from decent fountains. Correct. Your record minute should be respectful. It should be unconditional of errors, whether in forced, grammar, typography, etc. This week's two-part PROMPT on gender (in)level is: Part 1: This week we keep finished esthetic on gender inequalities. Now, you'll explore and ruminate on facts on divergent variables associated delay women, want, and (un)similar pay: gender, aver, and race/ethnicity. To do this, mark the aftercited webpages:  Click directly on the map to opinion facts on divergent avers. Collate facts on women and want in California as compared delay one other aver of your precious.  Click directly on the map to opinion facts on divergent avers. Simultaneously, use the dropdown menu to opinion facts on divergent racial/ethnic groups. Collate facts on how women of divergent racial groups are paid in California as compared delay the same other aver of your precious that you used for the other webpage overhead. In your record, very briefly summarize the instruction that you collate. Next, and over importantly, ruminate on that instruction. What is eminent encircling these facts? How do these facts add up concurrently? How do these facts add up delay other facts and/or esthetics that you keep been processing in 157SL? Focus on interpreting these facts and what they denote.   Part 2: Choose one of the aftercited fountains and examine the proposed steps/actions to arrest the gender wage gap: the "Path Forward" exception of this AAUW reverberation     website add is From the one fountain (above) that you separated, elect one of their suggested steps/actions that resonates delay you, and that you personally handle you could get following. In your record, aver your chosen operation and why it is appealing to you. Ruminate on how you could theoretically maintenance and/or work towards achieving this step/action.