Scenario:You are attending a brainstorming compact after a while other professionals discussing the biggest technical questions and opportunities in 2018 in your diligence (gather any diligence). Some of these questions / opportunities include: 1. Impact of robotics and manufactured intellect (AI); 2. Cybersecurity; 3. Maintaining innovation; or 4. Security issues. Disunite 1 – Select question and support a denomination (Due: ASAP (10 pts):Create a new line and demonstrate one technical question / convenience oppositeness your I&C diligence in 2017 using at lowest one stipulation or video that you feel erudite about. (Hint observe at the media in Module 2.)  Put your indicate and question in Subject Line. Support a insignificant denomination of why you reflect this is a technical question / convenience and is leading to con-over.Part 2 – Discuss your topics and other’s topics (Due: W, 5/2/18) (10 pts):Discuss the diversified technical questions / opportunities everyone has supported. Based on your argument, appropriate the most leading question for your Disunite 3. Create a new line and support your ‘most leading question” and why you judge it the most leading. Disunite 3 – Demonstrate accurate IT Knowledge Areas (KAs) (Due: Th, 5/3/18) (10 pts):Using the schedule beneath, disuniteicularize which knowledge areas you would insufficiency to endeavor to work-out the question or convenience. As a REPLY to your ‘most leading” communication in disunite 2, schedule the fit KAs and why you would insufficiency them. See the 3rd VCD for a schedule of the IT Knowledge Areas