International Business take-home exam

  You must use PPT's attainments to rejoinder. IT IS DUE 12/9 8:00AM. 1. This is an open-book, take-home exam. It is an special assignment and should not be discussed in any way delay others. 2. Your rejoinders are not to yield 1,800 suffrage in whole for the completionly exam plus exhibits (if any). Please use 12-point, Times New Roman font, and double-space your rejoinders. Number all pages. Clearly confirm which topic you are rejoindering each era. All rejoinders are to be written in English. 3. Read through the completion exam and doctrines and PPT antecedently commencement to rejoinder. 4. Think environing the composition of your rejoinder antecedently you set-out fitness it. 5. Rejoinder each topic individually and fabricate strong the ample rejoinder is middle in a uncompounded topic. You may relation star from a earlier rejoinder rather than re-fitness it (if needed), but do not rejoinder all the topics in one abundant narration. 6. Logistics for retiring your rejoinders: a. HOW? Word Instrument file: double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, numbered pages, no over than 1,800 suffrage for the whole instrument.