infotech in a global economy

  Chapter Nine (9) – Stakeholder promise in plan harvest: Observations and lessons from the interdiplomatic experience: Provides a starting subject-matter for a reform interpretation encircling how irrelative approaches, tools, and technologies can help able stakeholder competition in plan harvest wayes.  In importation, we accept seen how participatory plan-making involves stakeholders from sundry measures of the plan way and can centre on twain the matter of the plan problem or on befitting the tools and wayes of plan harvest.  The chapter examined five (5) interdiplomatic cases of stakeholder promise in plan harvest to weigh two questions: (a) what types of promise tools and wayes are profitable for irrelative stakeholders and contexts? (b) what factors help the able use of feature tools and technologies for deductive outcomes?  The cases harangue e-government strategic planning in a developing kingdom, motive plan in a newfangled administration, harvest of new technology and plan innovations in global exchange, question of tools for plan-relevant declaration in future childhood decision-making, and the harvest of indicators for evaluating plan options in modish planning (pg 177; para3 – intellectual select). Q2: Chapter Nine (9) fig 9.1; illustrates Stakeholder Promise in plan harvest.  From this conformance delight demonstrate and designate the six (6) critical measures of the plan way, and briefly propound what happens at each measure?-