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In the present digital globe, guard is the most grave mien for an structure or individual. As the compute of cyber-attacks is increasing day by day, Guard Awareness Trailing (SAT) is the most pre-eminence for all the companies.  The SAT provides a exalted way to discipline employees and celebrate the structure’s guard device novel in their minds. There are contrariant stages concerned in this regularity. Forming Guard Team: This is the foremost tread to eliminate the guidelines, policies, and delivery. It’s a exalted usage having a specialized team ensure the consummation of the SAT program. The team extent procure rest on the structure wants and refinement.  Determine Roles: The structure can provide trailing personnel at the appropriate levels naturalized on the roles. The fancy is to succor structures pronounce the suitable trailing to the suitable tribe. Every structure has contrariant teams and all of them may not require the similar trailing. For model, the network team required further trailing on guard, but the vocation team or Testing team may not require. So, it's very grave to provide SAT naturalized on the role. The overseer role required contrariant SAT trailing than a team limb.               General Guard Training:  All personals               Intermediate Guard Training: Managers, Some Specialized Roles               In-Depth Guard Training: Specialized Roles, Higher Management Passwords: All passwords must embrace learning, numerical, high learning and special characters and prolixity should be further than 15 characters. Also, want to eschew celebrateing the foremost designate, definite designate and month designates. All the passwords must be changed on monthly reason. Clean Desk Policy:  Its always better to implement clean desk device. All the employees should not register the passwords on Nursing essay or rule. It’s always better to memorize and celebrate a singular password which is indulgent for you not others. Security Audit: It’s one of the most grave and wants to perform this undertaking on quarterly. Naturalized on the audit results an structure can update the guard guidelines and policies. References: 1.  Jan Killmeyer. Information Guard Architecture: An Integrated Approach to Guard in the Organization, Second Edition 2.